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Hi Camille!

Where’s that cupcake place? It looks cute, but more importantly, does it have good cupcakes??

I’m leaving for DC tomorrow :O

Also, I can’t believe I never told you, but there’s this really popular illustrator/writer in Taiwan named Jimmy Liao. HIs stuff is pretty similar?? to your stuff. Similar as in detail-oriented, fantasy/dream like stuff. I couldn’t find good examples to show you, but his website is The english site doesn’t have anything, so just click the first one and just look at the pics. Anyway, my mom has most of his books and such, so if I ever see you I can lend you some.

Hrm, there was more I was going to tell you, but I’m half-awake and forgetting.

How was your puppetry night 😉 hmm?

OH right, I remember now. I have yet to check it out, but it looks quite quaintly cute.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!
love, vivian.


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In case you’re wondering, mimi et vivi is tiny store run by Camille Villanueva & Vivian S. Chen. Our shop can be found at It's growing slowly, but we have many plans ahead! Everything in our shop is made in our tiny dorm rooms, and the funds will support future art projects. Thanks for stopping by!


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