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Start of Summer

Felt Flower Hair ClipsCamille,

First of all, how was your Info Studies final?? (And by the way, enrollment times are up, so be sure to check that! :P)

On another note, I made these hair clips today! I will send you some, along with your Puppetry DVD.

I still haven’t finished editing your photos, so please be patient. And err, do you happen to have my glue gun battery charger? Maybe I have it, I just have to look around a bit…


June 11, 2008 at 7:28 pm 1 comment


In case you’re wondering, mimi et vivi is tiny store run by Camille Villanueva & Vivian S. Chen. Our shop can be found at It's growing slowly, but we have many plans ahead! Everything in our shop is made in our tiny dorm rooms, and the funds will support future art projects. Thanks for stopping by!


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