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rock.jpg earrings.jpg

Another lomo photograph listed, and mimi’s first item! They are so cute!


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lomo up!

goldenpavilion1.jpgShort update: just posted a lomo photograph. Other than that, I’m going to be ultra busy for the next 2-3 weeks.


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Alas! The Puppets have Come Alive

Hullo, everyone! Mimi here. o_o Bahh! It’s taken me such a long time to post. I’ve been shortening my life span with various activities and such… XD But, either way, I’m sorry. {This also isn’t much of a post containing our store…} But! I just wanted to give you an insight on the various activities Vivi and I have been involved in. :3 On Thursday, we visited BCAM at the LACMA. And it was pretty splendiferous.p1010048.jpg And I don’t exactly have any pictures of Friday’s adventure… but Vivi and I performed in a puppet show for some people.And speaking of puppet shows, today’s my brother’s 3rd birthday and we’re performing {the most ghetto-fabulous version of} Jack and his Giant-ass Beanstalk! XD Hahaha! Wish us luck. :3Till next time! Mimi

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In case you’re wondering, mimi et vivi is tiny store run by Camille Villanueva & Vivian S. Chen. Our shop can be found at It's growing slowly, but we have many plans ahead! Everything in our shop is made in our tiny dorm rooms, and the funds will support future art projects. Thanks for stopping by!


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