Hi Camille!

Where’s that cupcake place? It looks cute, but more importantly, does it have good cupcakes??

I’m leaving for DC tomorrow :O

Also, I can’t believe I never told you, but there’s this really popular illustrator/writer in Taiwan named Jimmy Liao. HIs stuff is pretty similar?? to your stuff. Similar as in detail-oriented, fantasy/dream like stuff. I couldn’t find good examples to show you, but his website is The english site doesn’t have anything, so just click the first one and just look at the pics. Anyway, my mom has most of his books and such, so if I ever see you I can lend you some.

Hrm, there was more I was going to tell you, but I’m half-awake and forgetting.

How was your puppetry night 😉 hmm?

OH right, I remember now. I have yet to check it out, but it looks quite quaintly cute.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!
love, vivian.


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How am I supposed to title these…?

we should go here!Dearest Vivian,

Today, I blanked on my informational studies final. T___T I seriously, stared at the first line of the test for 5 minutes contemplating the meaning of the word impacted. I fail. I hope not.

Other then that, I returned to my room feeling a lot lighter and happier because when I returned to my room, I immediately began watching the final episode of a Japanese drama that I’ve been dying to finish. Horray! 🙂

I’ve also cleaned out my dorm and returned the furniture to it’s previous state. 😀 It has never looked this barren. Ever. *dies* BUT… its okay! Though I’m going to miss the dorm life, I only look ever more forward to living with you! XD HOHOHO!

In any case, I hope all is well with you. :3 Be safe and I miss you!



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Start of Summer

Felt Flower Hair ClipsCamille,

First of all, how was your Info Studies final?? (And by the way, enrollment times are up, so be sure to check that! :P)

On another note, I made these hair clips today! I will send you some, along with your Puppetry DVD.

I still haven’t finished editing your photos, so please be patient. And err, do you happen to have my glue gun battery charger? Maybe I have it, I just have to look around a bit…

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Mother’s Day, Photoblog, and other ramblings

Sorry for the lack of updates, all!

Mother’s Day is almost here, so if any of you need customized cards, let me know! 🙂 I’ll always be more than willing to make complimentary cards to all my friends out there, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Other than that, I have recently started a photoblog. As some of you know, I’ve practically stopped using photog as a means of art (and experience). These photos will be the select few I do happen to take, mostly Polaroids. The first set of photographs are titled alphabetically, from medical terms I found suitable.

Take care,


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rock.jpg earrings.jpg

Another lomo photograph listed, and mimi’s first item! They are so cute!

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lomo up!

goldenpavilion1.jpgShort update: just posted a lomo photograph. Other than that, I’m going to be ultra busy for the next 2-3 weeks.


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Alas! The Puppets have Come Alive

Hullo, everyone! Mimi here. o_o Bahh! It’s taken me such a long time to post. I’ve been shortening my life span with various activities and such… XD But, either way, I’m sorry. {This also isn’t much of a post containing our store…} But! I just wanted to give you an insight on the various activities Vivi and I have been involved in. :3 On Thursday, we visited BCAM at the LACMA. And it was pretty splendiferous.p1010048.jpg And I don’t exactly have any pictures of Friday’s adventure… but Vivi and I performed in a puppet show for some people.And speaking of puppet shows, today’s my brother’s 3rd birthday and we’re performing {the most ghetto-fabulous version of} Jack and his Giant-ass Beanstalk! XD Hahaha! Wish us luck. :3Till next time! Mimi

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